5 MMA Strength Training Tips

So you want to become strong, huh? Strength plays a pretty big role in MMA. Obviously it makes you more powerful, but it also improves speed and endurance, which MMA fighters need in order to win. If you’ve been trying to build strength at the gym, but aren’t seeing results, you might need to rethink…


Pankration: the Original Mixed Martial Art

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) may have become more popular in recent years thanks to media coverage, but MMA is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite old, originating in the form of Pankration all the way back in Ancient Greece! Pankration (translated to mean “all powers”) was first introduced to the Olympics in 648 BC ……

high kicks

Quit Saying: Kicks Win Fights

I keep hearing people say a trained martial artist has a tremendous advantage in a street fight because of kicking skills.  That a well delivered kick is “golden”.  Yes – it can win the fight.  MAYBE.  If you get a good, hard kick to someone’s head – or maybe to the groin (though there’s some…


Bar Fights: What a Lawyer Thinks

Here’s an interesting article on the experiences an attorney had on settling bar fight lawsuits.  Not a straight statistical analysis, but interesting fodder… If you found something similar, please add it in the comments!