New MMA Fitness App Breaks New Ground

Racing to the gym twice a day for anyone that is involved in mixed martial arts at any level isn’t always attainable. Being able to seek advice or additional training routines away from the gym is something that can be very useful. That’s why resources such as apps have become extremely valuable in the world…


Five Body Weight Exercises to NOT be Using

Not every body weight exercise is automatically good for you.  A nice video here showing you the ones that you SHOULD NOT be doing!  Some pretty obvious like V-ups or jumping on concrete, but a nice reminder for us all that you have to watch what you’re doing or you spend more time in “recovery…

Female kneeing

Women’s Self Defense

Martial Arts for Women’s Self Defense Given the recent tragic events that have become a topic of discussion, we have to wonder, should more women be immersing themselves in self-defense classes? In truth, attacks and crime can happen for a variety of reasons and at any time. Because we can’t know when such a situation…


“Fitness Laws”

Here’s a great list of 10 “Fitness Laws” that you should pay attention to – regardless of your workout style!  Worth a click just to scroll through and give yourself a few reminders of stuff “…I know I should be doing.”    

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