MMA 4 oz Leather Cage Fighting Gloves

Item No: 31-1-613

Leather MMA gloves specifically for cage fighting. Light weight (4 oz sanctioned weight) and tough for your opponent to grab while he's underneath you getting hammered.

Not lots of padding in these, so we don't suggest them for "friendly sparring" with your buddies.

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Piranha Gear 100% top grade leather MMA gloves feature padding over the entire high-impact area of the knuckles and across the back of the hand. An open thumb and palm design allows for the freedom of movement to work submissions, while also providing protection for throwing strikes. Perfect for striking and grappling!

These are the preferred gloves for most fighters for use in the ring. They are custom made to be sanctioned and approved by most state fight commissions at 4 ounce each.

A custom fit feel is accomplished by the easy on and off leather wrist strap with Velcro closure.

These leather MMA gloves are hand-crafted, very durable and comfortable! Excellent for NHB training, sparring and UFC type competing!

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Lay your hand flat on top of a ruler or measuring tape. Measure across the four knuckles. It usually ends up being close to your t-shirt size, but mileage does vary. If you have a t-shirt size very different from the glove size, you might want to compromise a little (i.e., your "glove size" is Medium and "t-shirt size" is X-Large, you might want to go with a size Large glove).

Size Inches Metric (cm)
Child Small Under 2 7/8” 7.30
Child Medium 2 7/8” – 3 1/8” 7.30 – 7.90
Child Large/Adult X-Small 3 1/8” – 3 1/4” 7.90 – 8.25
Adult Small 3 1/4” to 3 3/8” 8.25 – 8.50
Adult Medium 3 3/8” to 3 5/8” 8.50 – 9.20
Adult Large 3 5/8” to 3 3/4” 9.20 – 9.50
Adult X-Large 3 3/4” to 3 7/8” 9.50 – 9.90

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