Heavy Duty Leather Shin Insteps

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This was the first product I ordered from Piranha Gear. I've used them in Muay Thai for about 6 months now and they're holding up very well. I chose them because they provide more protection then most other shin guards I could find. My shins get bruised easily and these have provided great protection for me. The only problem I've encountered is that I'm tall, with skinny legs. The bottom Velcro strap doesn't attach very well because of this, but it hasn't been a problem since the elastic foot band and top strap hold them in place well enough on their own. I'm very happy with the quality and service I received from Piranha Gear. Thanks and keep bringing us great products!

(Posted on 1/25/12)

Perfect Review by Miller Time

Like mentioned in previous reviews the description of the product is spot on. I bought another similar product a few months ago and the difference is subtle but I thought crucial. Some brands have 2 different styles of velcro that make it so the whole strap have to go across the calf to secure. This product does not have that so those with large calves can secure the straps with little problem, instead of like the other product where you have to tug the velcro to the other end to secure and cut off your circulation in the process. I am a loyal Piranha fight gear customer and their products are excellent but they also have superb customer service that makes every transaction a pleasurable one.

(Posted on 6/16/11)

Highly recommended Review by G I Jack

These pads of very sturdy well-formed padding and solid construction. Fast and easy to don with wide secure straps. Cover whole foot and instep.

You're ready to go to town with your sparring partner and get in some solid shots without damaging each other.

Highly recommended.

(Posted on 11/20/10)

They are exactly like the description says strong enough to take baseball bats. They are amazing and I know I'll buy from Piranha again and again.

(Posted on 11/18/10)

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