Karate Gi - 14 oz (4/5 sleeve) - White

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I have one complaint - just one - only got one of these.

I wish I had one for every day of the week. I put my gear through hell, and while I may "only" practice Karate, I practice hard, I sweat hard, and I am brutal with what I wear (in, and out of the dojo, in fact).

Now, this is a 14oz Gi, and while I'm used to 16oz. or even custom 18oz. Gi (for Karate), this is just the right weight, and it has just the right snap. It's length, and cut is perfect for what I practice, as hard as I practice, and it's strength stands up to these man-beating-machines they keep throwing at me.

There is both style, and functionality, and I couldn't ask for anything else!

(Posted on 5/20/14)

Great Gi - Nice Fit Review by Beren

This is a really nice Gi. I've had Pro Force and KI keys for a bunch of years, but was never really too happy with the fit of those. Much to my sensei's dismay I've had a pretty torn up and tattered Pro Force Gi for about a year. I finally ordered this Gi because I have a tournament this weekend. I got it yesterday and was really impressed with the soft but snappy feel.

I wore it tonight to the dojo - this is a great Gi. The weight, fit and feel, and the comfort is fantastic. I'm 6'0;' and 195. I ordered the size 5. The jacket is a little snug (another inch would get a 5-star). The pant length for me is great. There is plenty of room in the waist.

Thanks for a great product!

I think with careful washing the jacket will be just fine - no dryer for me :-) or bleach :-)

(Posted on 4/13/12)

Seriously, I have spent over $300 in the last 4 months on Karate GIs that did not fit or were poorly cut. Besides the costs, I had to endure the anxiety and frustration of trying to find the right Gi and by with confidence. I am 5'10", 185 lbs, and top heavy. Since I read that the uniforms were cut larger than average, I ordered a size 4 and 5 ( I normally wear size 6). The size 5 worked fine so I returned the size 4 and got my refund. A few weeks past, I felt the size 5 top was a bit snug than what I want, so I ordered a size 6 to try on. They said if the size 6 top fits, I can keep it, return the size 5 top (along with the size 6 pant). Even after cutting off the size tag on my top, they would still take it back. How can you go wrong with this company? Good quality with even better customer service! Don't buy anywhere else before trying Piranha! You won't regret it!

(Posted on 11/16/11)

great product great service Review by E. Grudzinski

I was looking for a good quality gi that would fit me just the way I like it. My problem with other gi's was that the gi top would be short. I wanted a gi that would hang down to mid thigh. It would drive me crazy when my old gi would start to slip out from under my obi. Don't get me wrong it wasn't too small. But when getting more physical or raising my arms while all sweaty the gi would progressively move up under my obi. So.... I checked out piranhas gear and seen that their gi's run a bit larger. And on the photos looked great, looked as if they had the fit I was looking for. The sizing chart is great. I'm 6'1" and 195lbs and size 5 fits me great. Just what I was looking for. Now about the quality of the gi. He brushed cotton is nice. I noticed that its a bit softer and that after washing and drying its easier to get the rinkles out but still feels like a heavy 14oz fabric. Great fit, great quality and great customer service.

(Posted on 11/10/11)

impressed Review by monkey mind

For overall quality of construction & comfort I give this gi 5 stars. So why a 4 star review? Well, I find the fit/cut a little strange. I am 5'8", 155 lbs. I ordered a size 4. The pants fit perfectly (and the drawstring is great). The jacket is where the issue is. I like the length of the sleeves, but the length of the jacket itself is quite short - certainly not on the long side as advertized. The jacket extends only maybe 2 inches below my belt, and when I hold it up to other size 4 gis I have, it's noticeably shorter. This doesn't have any practical effect but it looks a little stange and, like I said, it doesn't match the description on this website. If I were in the US I might have considered returning it & seeing for myself the famous Piranha customer service but as I'm in Asia shipping time & costs are a problem, I've decided to keep the gi. It really is very comfortable. If this gi holds up over time I'll definitely think about ordering another, though if I do, the option of split sizes (size 4 pants & size 5 top) would be very nice.

(Posted on 8/21/11)

Very nice gi! Review by Mark

I wasn't sure how this gi would compare to my other gi's. I have a couple of heavy duty gi's made by ASE. I decided to go for it and spend the extra money for this gi and it paid off. I am very happy with this gi. The 4/5 sleeves fit perfect and saved me from having to have it tailored. I am 5'10" and around 185-190 lbs and the size 5 fit good (even after washing). I also noticed that the material was softer than my other gi's that have been washed plenty of times. Thanks for a nice product. Very happy with the purchase and will purchase my next gi from you when I need another one.

(Posted on 4/18/11)

Also a note Review by Seth M

AMAZING customer service. If anything fits funny, or you want to change size these guys are on it ASAP when you email them. So 5 stars on customer service as well.

(Posted on 2/10/11)

It's a tad more expensive than your beginning heavy weight gi. But I've never found a gi with this build quality (and comfort) at this price. I've been in martial arts for 5 years now and started out with a heavy. I can say without a doubt that this gi has the highest quality and most comfort out of any gi I've owned. It feels soft yet is durable and snappy just like a heavy weight should be. I would recommend this gi to anyone. :)

(Posted on 2/10/11)

This is an american made kumite gi (Japanese cut) that feels like a lightweight and snaps like the heavyweight it is.

Very, but very comfortable when fighting and absorbs sweat like a sponge without feeling sticky...... it comes with clear cut instructions on how to take care of it. My other 2 uniforms (x the last 15 years) are a heavyweight Mitsuboshi and a heavyweight Tokaido, although it doesn't snap as much as these 2 let me tell you that snaps very loud but the feeling of the Gi when in training it's just too comfortable, that is making me want to consider retiring those 2 excellent gis..........

I was a little skeptical when i received the gi, was going to return it (due to the cut i was used to not the quality) but decided to give it a test drive.......no regrets.

Just love the Gi.

The service was superb when it came to shipping, these guys are on the west coast and i live in Fl, after placing the order on amazon in 48 hrs my new gi was @ my door!!!. I contacted them when I believed that i was going to return it and got a response (personalized not automated!) instantly by Bill (thanks bro) very cordial and polite. i highly recommend Piranha Gear products and service.

{While we very much appreciate the review, we don't want anyone to be under a false assumption. These uniforms are made specifically for us and to our specifications, but they are assembled in Pakistan, not the United States.}

(Posted on 6/17/10)

I liked this gi so much that I bought a second one. It's comfortable, durable and affordable, and wears as well if not better than any of the other, more expensive "name-brand" gi's we've all had at one time or another. If you need a really good gi at a reasonable price and backed by a quality company, BUY A PIRANHA!

(Posted on 6/15/10)

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