Women's Rash Guard - Long sleeve - Blue & White

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A long-sleeve rash guard sized and designed specifically for women. These have only the Piranha Gear "small oval" logo on the back, just below the neck.

These rash guards are in women's sizes, not men's sizes.

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This is a top-of-the-line long-sleeved rash guard. These shirts were designed SPECIFICALLY for women. With thinner arms, narrower shoulders and a shorter (crew-style) neckline, they work WAY better for the female figure.

These are blank rash guards except for a small (about 2 1/2") "Piranha Gear" oval below the back of the neck.

Elasticized cuff but loose enough that can push the sleeve up without cutting off the blood supply to your hands. These rash guards are made of a durable Lycra blend fabric (aka Spandex).

We put an insert from the wrist, through the underarm, and all the way down the side of your stomach (this is the alternate color). So you don't have a seam RIGHT UNDER YOUR ARM - bugging the heck out of you.

And yes, in case you're wondering, we sell LOTS of these to surfers and SCUBA divers for under their wetsuits...

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