What's the best way to wash my leather gear?

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We often get asked "what's the best way to wash leather gear - like shin pads?"

Because of the leather, you can't really can't the item wet (in the washing machine or dunking) so we recommend that you use a wet washcloth to scrub out the inside, using plain warm water - but try to avoid getting the leather soaked. Then be sure to let them dry completely. That's the key part - the let them dry completely.

One of the toughest things to get clean are the leather grappling shin pads.  The neoprene really soaks up the sweat so you'll want to be pretty diligent about taking them out of your bag post-workouts.

We've also found that using a couple of empty cardboard paper towel rolls, shoved inside the pads, will help them stay "open" when they are drying.  Trying to "hang" them somehow will likely end up stretching them in a funny way.

The "paper towel roll" trick works well for boxing gloves too.

If you find smell becomes a problem, Desenex (the white powder used for athlete's foot) sprinkled inside the pads will help. Just a light coat, not a lot or it will cake up.

And if that's not working, you can go with chemical "deodorizers" like MiraZyme which seem to work well, but that can get expensive.

And obviously you should NOT leave any gear in your bag after your workouts. That cool, wet environment is ideal for growing the smelling bacteria.  Just making sure it stays dry can be the biggest preventative measure for all your gear.

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