Get the Blood Out?

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How do we (here at Piranha Gear) get blood out of our uniforms?

Hopefully the blood is still fresh? If so you have the best chance of getting it out. Soak your uniform (or the bloodied area) in COLD WATER. Not hot water - yes, we know this sounds backwards, but the hot water will actually "cook" the blood and make it set faster.

While soaking in the cold water, rub liquid detergent into the stain and scrub it - ideally with a brush. Then rinse the soap out (still cold water) and the wash it as normal.

If the blood stain has already dried, soak the area in warm water and soap - ideally it's one of the soaps that uses enzymes for cleaning (lots of laundry soaps do - like Tide). Scrub it well with a brush, then wash as normal.

You can try a spot cleaner, but be sure to check the ingredients carefully.

After it's been through the washing machine, but before you let the uniform dry, check to see if the stain is still there. Repeat the above process as needed (cold water soak, rub with liquid detergent). Sometimes mixing a little salt with the water while you hand scrub will help.

The only other choice is to run it with bleach in the washer, but keep in mind this is going to shorten the life of the uniform - by about 10% every time you wash it with bleach... Or you can try "spot treating" it with bleach or hydrogen peroxide and only have an impact on that local area.

This is just a nasty thing to do to your uniform. Also remember that once you've used bleach on any fabric, it never really washes completely out. Ask yourself how bad you really need to get the stain out before you use either one. Around here we NEVER EVER wash our uniforms with bleach. Not EVER!

Of course the easiest solution is to wear a black uniform, but we understand that's not always an option... ; )

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