Free Uniforms for Non-Profit

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We're moving the warehouse and trying to get rid of our backlog of returned and clearance uniforms.  Most of them were either exchanged for a size swap (so they were washed) or it might just be a jacket and no pants for the smaller sizes.  We have about 50 uniforms/jackets in various sizes and colors for BJJ/Judo and about 15 for karate in black and white.

If you're a non-profit organization, and you're willing to pay our cost for shipping (or you can pickup in San Jose, CA), we'd love to see these go to someone that can use them and make their community a better place.

Please note we're trying to move them all at once, so we don't really want to do them in batches of 5 or 6.

BTW, when we say "non-profit" we mean either an actually registered non-profit or a community program.  Not the "I just started teaching out of my garage, but I don't charge my students yet" kind of thing... ;)

We're not looking for advertising, brownie points or any other quid pro quo. We just want them to go somewhere good. 

So if you're interested, please contact us at