Grass stains on the uniform?

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While most of us here workout inside a studio, some people do get all crazy and do sessions outside on the grass. We've had several people ask how to get the grass stains off their uniforms.

Aside from the most obvious solution (wear a black uniform), we've found it best to try this:

Pour a detergent that contains bleach on the stain and leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse well (REALLY well).  If that doesn't work, soak it in a bleach solution (2oz per gallon). If the stain's still there after a 15-minute soak, learn to love it. 

Keep in mind that the bleach is going to be hard on the uniform, so best not to make a habit of this...  We don't normally recommend bleach to begin with, but if you just HAVE to get the stain out...