Piranha Gear owner "comes out" as a Pastafarian! ;)

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Is that my REAL driver’s license? Yes, it just came in the mail. The pasta strainer is me exercising my “religious exemption to wear head covering” as a Pastafarian (aka “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”).

Do I wear this when I’m driving? Only when I want to embarrass my wife (and yes, #MyWifeIsASaint for putting up with me).

Is this a “joke”? No, while there are people that certainly see it as a jovial expression of rights, it’s not specifically meant as a joke. I’m actually very proud to live in a country where I could do this.

The United States Constitution recognizes a number of rights. One of those (1st Amendment) guarantees the US Government isn’t going to take sides in deciding which religions are “real” and which ones are “silly”. I’m sure we could all come up with a list of “religions” that fall into one or the other category, and certainly everyone’s list would be different. But myself and a lot of other people think that’s not the job for any government.

Sadly there are places in the world that you could be jailed or killed for not believing in the right “version” of a particular god.

A lot of people have made sacrifices to be sure that we here in the United States have a government that respects many of our rights. I’m guessing none of them had this exact thing in mind, but it is a very palpable example that we still have these rights.

Please take a moment and reflect on what we have. Don’t take your rights for granted. Vote and ESPECIALLY make yourself heard to your representatives. Don’t let the lobbyists and special interests be the only ones they hear from.

Remind them they have a direct hand in a safe future for you and your children and you’re holding them accountable.