Martial Arts Uniforms

All our martial arts uniforms are made specifically by us and for us - to the specifications we require. We make most of them out of 100% cotton (some are made of a cotton/poly blend, but the description will have the specifics clearly stated). We try to make sure that each uniform has the fabric weight for the jacket noted in the description too. Once upon a time, when we had to buy other people's martial arts uniforms, we always found it hard to compare one uniform with another uniform since no one mentioned how heavy they were (and you can't exactly touch or hold these things first). That's why we put the uniform weight in the description so you know what you're getting. When it applies, we also comment on the type of fabric if there might be any reason it's not obvious - brushed cotton vs. canvas, basket weave finish, etc.

As with all our gear, when you buy a workout uniform from us it's critical that you're happy with it. That's why our return policy allows you to return or exchange the uniform with no restocking fees even if you've washed it! We know it's tough to buy a uniform or any gi online and try to take the risk out of it for you.

Be sure to check the "Size Chart" tab under the short description to get a better idea of what size to select. Keep in mind that those are "average sizes" based on what other people have reported fitting best for them. The size charts already take "shrinkage" into account.

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