HEMA & Fencing Gear

Items for practitioners of Western Martial Arts (WMA) and/or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) - also known as "sword fighting" with the real deal.

We are just now in the process getting our HEMA gear online.  Still in the "design, build, test, re-design, re-test, re-build, etc." phases.  Starting with the jackets and gloves, we want to be sure that all our gear WORKS for HEMA/WMA before we start sending it off.  Of course we STARTED with the t-shirts, so those have been thoroughly tested already!  ;)

As with all our gear, when you buy something from us it's critical that you're happy with it. That's why our return policy allows you to return or exchange the item with no restocking fees even if you've washed it! We know it's tough to buy something online and try to take the risk out of it for you.

Be sure to check the "Size Chart" tab under the short description to get a better idea of what size to select. Keep in mind that those are "average sizes" based on what other people have reported fitting best for them. The size charts already take "shrinkage" into account - so that's the "actual size" (at least, that's the hope!)

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