Contact Us

You can reach us at any of the following emails, but first a note on privacy: unless there's a specific reason to save your contact information, we do NOT use your email address for anything other than responding to your inquiry. It's not saved to a list or used for "future offers" - just to answer your questions.

We do answer most of the common inquiries on our FAQ page, so it might be worth scanning the questions at the top before sending a message to the below address.

Our warehouse and main office are located here (though use this for returns/exchanges):
     Piranha Gear
     5779 Winfield Blvd #A-2
     San Jose, CA 95123
     United States
     Direct phone number: (408) 227-8000

You can reach Customer Service (or for questions about sizing, return status, etc. though you can go straight to the returns and exchanges page if that's what you need.

Corporate or Admin questions can be sent here though for information on employment you should check the Careers page for more specifics. You can also contact Accounting for A/R or billing questions. Purchasing if it's a question about stuff you want to sell to US.

Questions about the technical part of the site should be sent to the Webmaster though they are usually clueless when it comes to sizing or gear questions. (Programmers - sheesh! - what else would you expect?)

If you have questions about how we ship or the time it takes to get something, most of that stuff is also answered on the Shipping FAQ's page.

You can also find details on wholesale or school accounts or if you have questions about sponsorship you can email us, though you might want to read this first.

If you're not sure who to contact, Customer Service is usually the best choice as they can always forward your inquiry where it needs to go...