Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my credit card being accepted?

The most common reason a charge is “declined” is because the billing street and/or postal code you provided does not match the billing address your bank has on file for you.

Sometimes it’s something like an apartment number that the bank has on a second line (and you’re putting it on the first street line), or maybe you spell out part of your street name that they abbreviate. Take a look at your statements and that should be what they have on file.

If that didn't help, we also have a much longer explanation of possible credit card issues you can checkout.

Is there a discount on shipping big orders?

Yes and no. Since the shipping charges are based on the actual rates charged by the carrier based on your ZIP code, we end up offering you the same type of "discount" that our shippers give us. In other words, it's MUCH cheaper (per pound) to ship 10 lbs. than 2 lbs. And it's cheaper to ship within the same state than all the way across the country.

You'll probably find that you can add a small item to your order and the shipping price doesn't go up at all. If you're getting a lot of items and shipping Ground, you may find it's less than a dollar per pound.

If your order total is over $400 or we’re reshipping a lost order, we usually send the package with a "signature required" to help insure it's not simply left on your doorstep.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

During checkout, you'll have your choice of payment methods. We take most major credit cards as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay. We also accept domestic money orders, international POSTAL money orders and personal checks drawn on US banks. Please be sure to make the money order out in US Dollars.

Please keep in mind that we'll need to hold any order paid with a money order or personal check until funds have cleared. Also (they aren't very good at telling you this) PayPal and Amazon will hold your funds if they come out of a *checking account* - usually 4 days - before they release the funds to us. However, we ship as soon as we have the funds.

What's up with this "cookies must be enabled" thing?

To use the shopping cart, you need to tell your browser that "cookies" are allowed. HONEST, we're not doing anything sneaky (no spyware, spam, tracking, etc.) It's just for the checkout.

There's a technical reason for it, but the bottom line is that it just works better for you and us to use a cookie during the process. Please feel free to delete the cookie later (but it does need to be there for the checkout cart to work properly). It also lets you save items to a wish list and look up your order later.

Note that we do NOT save your CREDIT CARD information anywhere!

Click here if you'd like help in turning the cookies on.

I can't see the menus - how do I clear my browser's cache?

Sometimes computers aren't perfect and they need a little "help" from us humans.  If you're not seeing any of the menus, it's easy to fix.  If you go to this page it explains how to clear your browser's cache and fix it.

Can we gift wrap orders?

Unfortunately we don't offer that right now. However, orders shipped inside the US don't normally have any prices on the packing slip. We email you a receipt right after the order is placed and that WILL have the prices listed. Orders outside the US are required to have itemized prices inside the package for Customs (sorry).

How LONG will shipping take for International orders?

If you requested "Standard Shipping", it will be sent US First Class Air Mail. USPS says that's 14 - 21 business days plus any time it might be held in your country's Customs department.

"Priority Mail" for international orders has a stated delivery time of 6 - 10 business days. But again, that's also subject to a Customs hold on top of that.

Our experience (anecdotally since we’ve never done research - just based on feedback) is that 40% of international orders take around a week and 80% take about 2 weeks or less. About 98% are there within 14 business days.

Keep in mind, we can't guarantee delivery times, since once it's in the mail system, we have no control over when it gets there. This is just to give you an idea of the time frame. We've seen stuff take as little as 2 days (!) and as long as 78 days (the record).

We won't mention any names, but some countries have really slow customs so if that's your country, you probably already know it. Brace yourself... It's not like our orders have a "magic get through customs fast" stamp for you guys - sorry.

When possible, we’ll ship international orders in envelopes rather than boxes. We've found that boxes tend to get held more often (or spend more time) in Customs.

We also no longer deliver to most Eastern European countries, parts of Asia, and most of Africa. We've simply had way too many lost packages... Sorry. Please contact us if you're not sure and we'll let you know if we ship to your country.

Please do keep in mind that if the package is "refused" on your end, we will be unable to refund the shipping charges.

Do I have to pay taxes or duties on my purchase?

If you are shipping to an address in California, we are required to collect sales tax on the purchase.

If you are shipping to an address outside of the US, you may be subject to a Customs or Duty charge outside of our control. If you select a shipping method using the US Postal Service, there is no "customs brokerage fee". Some shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) do charge these fees in addition to Customs or Duty charges from your government. The charges are outside of our control and we do not receive any part of the fees.

Please do keep in mind that if the package is "refused" on your end, we will be unable to refund the shipping charges.

Can you mark my international order as a "GIFT" on the Customs form?

Sorry, no. It's not only against the law - it won't work.

Our labels have the Customs form integrated into the design. It's way too obvious to Customs that you're getting a commercially shipped item - not cookies from your Grandmother.

I don't like it/it doesn't fit/it's broken, can I return it or get an exchange?

YES we take stuff back! The last thing we want is for you to be "stuck" with something. Click here to get more information on our returns and exchange policies. We have the most liberal policy in the industry we've ever heard about.

We'd like to hear from you within 60 days of your purchase (although we listen to sob stories if it's past that - we're not that hardcore and any employee here has the authority to make the call). Unfortunately we can not accept returns or exchanges on items purchased on "clearance sales" nor returns for Ninjitsu uniforms purchased during the month of October.

If you want to make an exchange and you're inside the US, we'll usually pay shipping to get you the replacement. Outside the US, exchanges might have some additional shipping charges.

Unfortunately, we can't refund the original shipping price if you do make a return unless the item was broken or damaged. However, BE SURE to contact us before shipping back anything that was damaged or faulty. If you return a used item for a size swap we might substitute a washed/new item for the replacement.

If the item was defective and you had the order shipped via expedited shipping, we can only refund the "standard shipping" amount.

My coupon code isn't working, why not?

If you have a valid coupon code, the most common reason it's not having any impact on your order is either:

You're not in a "class" which the coupon recognizes (you're outside the continental US, you're making the purchase on a wholesale account, etc.)

The coupon is good for a different item or type of items and your current shopping cart doesn't have that kind of item in it (it only works on red shirts, you have to buy more than 5 of a particular item, etc.).

Or it might simply be that the coupon has expired?

Can I get just the top or bottom of a uniform? Or maybe different sizes?

We do carry "pants only" for several styles of uniforms, but we don't normally stock the jackets as solo items. The most of the cost for the uniform is the jacket. To sell them as separates they would have to cost almost the same as the entire uniform.

However, we are HAPPY to swap out the pants for a different size. For instance if you'd like a size 5 jacket with a size 4 pair of pants, just "buy" the uniform for the JACKET's size and ask for the size swap on the pants in the checkout comments. No extra charge or anything.

I'm a really good fighter, can you sponsor me?

Um… maybe, but we get that a lot. Send us your resume or list of your experience. Something about you and why you do this instead of watching TV when you come home from work… And we kind of assume you've already been buying our gear or you wouldn't be asking in the first place.

We’ll also need some references – and not your workout buddies. Like your instructor(s), promoters, etc. We’re not as concerned about your fight record as your character and sportsmanship.

Please keep in mind we get lots (!) of requests for sponsorship and cannot sponsor everyone. For the moment, we're limited to considering existing customers that have been using our gear for a while (unless you have a Piranha Gear tattoo - that's worked in the past but we don't encourage it).

I live close to your company, can I buy stuff in person?

Unfortunately, the location in San Jose is a shipping warehouse not a retail storefront with “9 to 5 hours” - and when we say "warehouse", we mean row after row of shelves with bins, boxes, and uniforms stacked on them (two floors actually). Things aren't arranged in a way that would allow you to browse or try on different items. We don't have things on hangers or mannequins. We don’t even have a cash register and, sadly, that means we don't have "hours" that would allow you to visit or pickup orders.