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Jiu-Jitsu Cut Single Weave Uniform - White TALL

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    A Piranha Gear single weave, "bleached white" uniform designed by us specifically for Jiu-Jitsu and specifically for people that have trouble getting a good fit with "regular uniforms". These are a special TALL and THIN cut. We've added a couple inches to the legs and sleeves (and a little to the jacket bottom). This means if you're especially tall and thin, it will fit much better for you.

    It has a traditional "rice-grain" weave fabric for the entire jacket (not just the top and shoulders). The pants have reinforced quilted knees for durability. This design also features narrower sleeves, a shorter apron, and a thicker collar - a full 2" wide.

    It was specifically designed to withstand heavy grappling during training and competition. The seams are reinforced - especially in the shoulders, lapel, underarms, and sleeves - to ensure durability.

    This is NOT a generic grappling / Judo / Aikido uniform. While you can certainly use it for these styles, it really is intended for the new Jiu-Jitsu student. This is especially true when it comes to the thickness of the collar. Many of the generic grappling uniforms (including ours) are not beefed up in the collar for Jiu-Jitsu techniques not used by the other arts. No one else makes this uniform cut in this weight.

    It is made of 450g cotton and includes pants with an elastic waist that has an internal drawstring and a light-weight white belt of matching size. We also carry other belts which are colored, heavier or with BJJ sleeves as separate items.

    A single weave uniform is “intended” to last about a year. Since they are ostensibly for “beginners”, it’s often thought of as a way to figure out what kind of “real” uniform you want for later.

    We have lots of people that use our uniforms for 2, 3 or even 4 years, but there are so many variables it’s hard to say how long it might last for a given person. Everything from whether or not you use the clothes dryer, what type detergent you use, how often you work out, how HARD you workout, how hard your PARTNERS are on the uniform, etc., etc. Even what constitutes “worn out” can mean different things to different people.

    Assuming you’re not washing it with bleach and not using the clothes dryer (both of which we strongly discourage), the elastic in the waist is likely to wear out first. Using the clothes dryer will “cook” it and wear it out much faster. So if you want maximum longevity, you’re probably going to want the “traditional” drawstring version of the pants. Though remember there’s a reason why the elastic drawstring VASTLY outsells our “traditional” drawstring pants… The word “comfort” probably comes to mind first…

    Please note: these uniforms are sized with "Brazilian" sizes - with the "A" prefix. Those are NOT the same as the Western/Asian sizing. Please be sure to double check the size chart to make sure you are getting the size you wanted.

    The "Tall & Thin" sizes are an ATTEMPT to get your wrist-to-wrist size pretty close. If you compete a lot this is probably the first thing you want to compare if you're not sure of the size - and note that those numbers below are for UNwashed measurements. There are too many variables in how people wash stuff for us to be more specific - sorry.


    Kimono SizeClothing SizeHeightWeightWaist
    3 or A1 Adult Small 5' 7" - 5' 10" 105 - 135 lbs 31"
    4 or A2 Medium 5' 11 - 6' 4" 135 - 160 lbs 33"
    5 or A3 Large 6' 1" - 6' 7" 155 - 190 lbs 35"
    6 or A4 X-Large 6' 5" - 6' 10" 195 - 220 lbs 37"
    7 or A5 XX-Large 6' 7" - 6' 11" 210 - 240 lbs 39"


    Remember as you go larger, the girth increases too. Please note: the “A” sizes and “single digit” sizes are not the same thing. We include both types of size numbers on the chart for your convenience, but remember a size “A3” corresponds to a size “5”, etc.


    Here are some dimensions of the actual uniform for comparison purposes. These are PRE-Washed sizes - expect about 10% shrinkage.


    Size3 or A14 or A25 or A36 or A47 or A5
    Wrist to wrist 64.50" 72" 72.50" 79.00" 80.50"
    Jacket waist 21.50" 23" 24.25" 25.75" 28"
    Shoulder to apron 31" 32.50" 32.75" 35" 37"
    Wrist cuff opening 6.5" 6.50" 6.75" 7" 8"
    Pants waist (one side) 12" 12.25" 13" 13.25" 14.75"
    Waist to ankle 42.50" 46" 47.25" 48.50" 51"
    Inseam 34" 36" 38" 40" 40.5"
    Ankle cuff 8" 8.50" 8.75" 9.25" 10.25"
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    1. Finally a Gi that fits my son!

      Although he hasn't rolled in it yet, we are both very pleased with the fit of this long gi. At the age of 14, 100lbs, my son has grown 4" just this summer and is all legs! He has never had a gi fit him properly. The jacket is heavy weight and nice. The pants seem much thinner, but will probably be very comfortable. We will see how they hold up. He is rolling up the sleeves and pants right now, but at his growth rate, that won't last long.

      Items arrived quickly, in great condition, and the customer service follow-up is great too.

      Thank you Piranha for the tall/slim option!!!
      on Dec 25th 2016

    2. Durable Gi for Tall/Thin, Very Nice

      I am 6'2"" and weigh 190. A regular gi that is tall enough for me is just too baggy. This is a really great fit. I've found these to be quite durable for Aikido training and long lasting. For Aikido I hem the sleeves shorter, but otherwise it's fine. Because this is a heavier grappling type gi, some may find it a bit heavy especially in hot weather. I feel it gives me some extra cushioning taking rolls and falls I have two, size 5/A3 and 6/A4. The A3 is usable but really a bit too small. The A4 on the other hand felt really long when I first put it on. Now I am used to it and I really like it.
      I love the elastic waistband, which surprising has held up to frequent washing & drying. On my larger set the drawstring seems rather flimsy, but it has not broken. I've always find that normal pants with a tie string are really hard to tie so that they stay up during training. The elastic is great.
      on Sep 30th 2015

    3. Great go for the price!

      I'm approx 6ft and weight fluctuates between 145lbs-150lbs. This a great gi. Ive used for almost 2 years and no problems. I train 2xs a week sometimes 3xs. It has lasted just as long as my first gi which I paid double for. In fact I bought a replacement gi string from here on my other go (I didn't buy that go here). Customer service is absolutely awesome. on Sep 30th 2015

    4. Great for us baboons

      I'm on my second one of these Gi's. Being built like a retarded baboon with the limbs of a 6'2" and the torso of a 5'10, and being skinny(6' 160)", I have a horrible time finding clothes that fit well in general, let alone Gi's. Most are either way too baggy or way too short. After washing/shrinkage this one fits perfect. I'm on my second so I can say its very durable lasting for 2 years with 3-4 sessions a week and the occasional competition. Not to stiff, and comfy too. If your built like me get it, its great and at the right price. on Sep 30th 2015

    5. Perfect for tall people!

      I am 6'6" and 160lbs. I am very thin and have long arms and found the A-4 to be the best fit for me with my long torso. Customer service was the best I've ever experienced. on Sep 30th 2015

    6. Comfortable.

      The uniform is very comfortable and feels very soft. The legs are VERY long and I had to get them hemmed (I usually wear a 34 length and I'm 6'3""), so you would have to have some Seriously long gams for these pants to fit out of the bag
      It's single weave so not as durable as a double weave, so I don't know how we'll it will do with the stresses if training. The arms fit me perfectly.
      Overall, if you are looking for a light and thin Gi (especially for traditional martial arts) and are taller and don't mind possibly hemming the legs, buy this.
      The customer service is AMAZING, and they are insanely prompt and will bend over backwards to help make you happy
      on Sep 30th 2015

    7. great fit

      Wow I am so happy that the GI fits in the arms and legs. I am 6'0" tall and weigh 148 lbs. Got an A2 and it could not be more perfect. It is a great uniform for practice. Also love the elastic waist with drawstring as a women with a smaller waist than a guy. on Sep 30th 2015

    8. Great competition gi and training gi

      This is a great fitting gi for the tall and lanky. I'm 6'3 and about 190lbs. Normally I use A4 but they are way too baggy in the body and the arms just fit. The A3 fits perfectly.

      One downside: the gi is not as sturdy as other brands and rips quite easily. I've had one pair of pants shred and one jacket already fray from heavy use (in under 3 months). Recommend buying one to train in and buying one to keep stashed away for tournament.

      In fairness to Customer Serivce, when I informed them about the ripped pants, they shipped me another pair the next day for free. Their customer service is outstanding.
      on Sep 30th 2015

    9. Fits Well

      Sturdy material and after washing 4x a week for 2 months has head up nicely. I'm not abnormally tall (6'0") but am fairly skinny and this fits well. on Sep 30th 2015

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