Privacy & Security

We don't like spam and we don't like people using our personal information except for the business at hand. We pretty much assume you're the same way, so here's our privacy policy:

We won't sell, give, loan or share your information with anyone else. Period. No legal loopholes. No hemming and hawing. No wiggle room.

Well, OK... if they have a warrant or something like that, we'll spill our guts, but that's about the only time we'd give out your information.

We normally will send a reminder to you if you added items to your shopping cart, but that’s not personally monitored and stops on its own pretty quickly.  From time to time, we might also let you know about sales or special offers, but you'll have to "opt-in" - meaning you have to tell us you want ON the list - that you want to hear about the stuff. Otherwise, the only time you’ll hear from us is when it’s about your order.

If you change your mind, let us know and – zap – you’re off the list. No hard feelings.

Also please keep in mind that, as with any online order, we're going to get "personally identifiable information" such as your name, IP address, credit card information, shipping address, etc. But once the order has been processed, we don't keep your credit card information.

You might have noticed you can use the "s" in the "https:" of your browser's address bar to get to our site? That means that our site is "secure" because we've gone to the trouble of getting an SSL certificate to handle encryption and everything else.

We also strictly conform with the Type 1A SAQ PCI Compliance for all our credit card transactions. That keeps your data as secure as we reasonably can. We don't want your personal information to get mistreated any more than you do.


Oh yes, one more thing...

None of that B.S. about " have 30 days to notify us if you disagree with the change to our privacy policy..." We just won't give out your information.