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Single Weave Grappling Uniform - White

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    A Piranha Gear single weave, "bleached white" gi for Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido. This gi has a traditional "rice-grain" weave for the top and reinforced (quilted) knees for durability.

    It was specifically designed to withstand heavy grappling during training and competition. Seams are reinforced - especially in the shoulders, lapel, underarms, and sleeves - to ensure durability. We also carry a "BJJ Cut" version of this uniform with tighter sleeves, thicker collar, etc.

    It is made of 100% 450g cotton and includes pants with an elastic waist that has an internal drawstring and a light-weight white belt of matching size. We also carry other belts which are colored, heavier or with BJJ sleeves as separate items.

    If anything, these particular uniforms tend to run a just a little on the small size so (ONLY if you're right BETWEEN sizes) we'd recommend you go with the larger size.

    NOTE: If you weigh over 225 lbs, we generally try to steer you away from a single weave uniform. While lots of people still go with one, you can be pretty sure you're going to burn through it faster simply because there's more "mass" being tugged around.

    A single weave uniform is “intended” to last about a year. Since they are ostensibly for “beginners”, it’s often thought of as a way to figure out what kind of “real” uniform you want for later.

    We have lots of people that use our uniforms for 2, 3 or even 4 years, but there are so many variables it’s hard to say how long it might last for a given person. Everything from whether or not you use the clothes dryer, what type detergent you use, how often you work out, how HARD you workout, how hard your PARTNERS are on the uniform, etc., etc. Even what constitutes “worn out” can mean different things to different people.

    Assuming you’re not washing it with bleach and not using the clothes dryer (both of which we strongly discourage), the elastic in the waist is likely to wear out first. Using the clothes dryer will “cook” it and wear it out much faster. So if you want maximum longevity, you’re probably going to want the “traditional” drawstring version of the pants. Though remember there’s a reason why the elastic drawstring VASTLY outsells our “traditional” drawstring pants… The word “comfort” probably comes to mind first…

    These uniforms tend to be cut for a slimmer, taller person. If you're between sizes or your body height and weight doesn't seem to fall inside the numbers listed, we recommend that if you're "tall & thin" go with height (you don't want it too short), "not tall" or "not thin" go with weight (you don't want it too small around your waist/stomach/chest).


    Kimono SizeClothing SizeHeightWeightWaist
    000 or C000 Child 2 - 4 3' - 3'5" 30 – 40 lbs.  
    00 or C00 4 - 6 3'5" - 3'10" 40 – 55 lbs.  
    0 or C0 6 - 8 3'10" - 4'3" 55 – 70 lbs.  
    1 or C1 8 - 10 4'3" - 4'8" 70 – 85 lbs.  
    2 or A0 10 - 12 4'8" - 5'0" 85 – 105 lbs.  
    3 or A1 Adult Small 5'0" - 5'4" 105 – 135 lbs. 29”
    4 or A2 Medium 5'4" - 5'8" 135 – 160 lbs. 31”
    5 or A3 Large 5'7" - 5’11" 155 – 190 lbs. 34”
    6 or A4 X-Large 5’10” - 6'3" 195 -220 lbs. 37”
    7 or A5 XX-Large 6'2" - 6'6" 220 – 245 lbs. 40”
    8 or A6 XXX-Large 6'6" - 6'11" 240 – 280 lbs.  

    Please note: the “A” sizes and “single digit” sizes are not the same thing. We include both types of size numbers on the chart for your convenience, but remember a size “A3” corresponds to a size “5”, etc.

    Here are some dimensions of the actual uniform for comparison purposes. These are PRE-Washed sizes - expect about 10% shrinkage.

    Size3 or A14 or A25 or A36 or A47 or A5
    Wrist to wrist 60” 61” 62.50” 66” 70.50”
    Jacket waist 21.75“ 21.75“ 22.50“ 23.50“ 26“
    Shoulder to apron 31“ 33.75“ 35.25“ 36“ 39.50“
    Wrist cuff opening 8“ 8“ 8.75“ 9.25“ 9.50“
    Pants waist (one side) 12" 12.25" 12.75“ 13" 14.50“
    Waist to ankle 35“ 37.50“ 39.50“ 41“ 43“
    Inseam     27“ 28.50“ 30.50“
    Ankle cuff     9.75“ 10“ 11“


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    1. The Item was as described & very good quality

      The Item was as described & very good quality on Sep 30th 2015

    2. fast shipping and reasonable price

      Item was of very good quality and shipping was amazingly fast, and reasonably priced on Sep 30th 2015

    3. I like the uniform alot

      Awesome quality. Recommend buying a little bit bigger. on Sep 30th 2015

    4. very good by careful with the dryer

      Great gi! I am 5'-10" and 160lbs. A size 5 fits great. However, after accidentally putting it in the dryer. A size 6 would have been a better choice. The size 5 is very comfortable and still fits me great. Just wish I would have went with a size 6 for a better fit on the pants. on Sep 30th 2015

    5. Great

      Nice fit. Good quality for the price and the customer service was Great. Oh Yeah shipping was fast! on Sep 30th 2015

    6. very happy with the entire thing - service and uniform!

      Great fit, great quality, great price, AWESOME customer service, and ridiculously fast shipping. I ordered on a Wednesday and I got the order on Friday. (shipping from California to New Hampshire) I will definitely be ordering from this site again. on Sep 30th 2015

    7. A steal!

      The gi is fantastic, a real steal for the price, and it comes with a printed guide on how to care for it. They even personalized my shipment, asking about products that I had ordered before. These guys practically ship with a teleporter, very fast shipment to Atlanta. is my number one stop for fight gear! on Sep 30th 2015

    8. highly recommended

      I've been practicing Judo and Jiu Jitsu for many years now and must say this gi is by far the most durable and comfortable I have ever trained in. I make it a point to refer newcomers in my classes to buy these gi's. The Quality of these gi's is equal to if not surpassing the top brand name flashy gi's. I highly recommend this product. on Sep 30th 2015

    9. Great beginners kimono

      4 stars for the well made, good fitting, light weight inexpensive kimono. I wish that it had a heavier lapel. Hopefully the next batch that they make will have a thicker lapel.
      5 stars for Piranha Gear's customer service!

      {Tim, we do have a thicker collar on the ""BJJ Cut"" single weave uniforms - you might want to check those out next time}
      on Sep 30th 2015

    10. Budoshin Jujitsu Practitioner

      Based off of the two other reviews of this gi, I decided to buy one myself. Both of those reviews are totally true and bear out my experience with the Pirahna Gear company. Enclosed with my gi was instructions on how to care for it. I learned some tips I never knew which lengthen the life of gi's. As the other reviews told you, this is a quality product with great customer service. on Sep 30th 2015

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