As you can imagine, we get LOTS of requests from people asking about sponsorships. We really wish we could sponsor everyone, but unfortunately we simply can't.

If you think you can face the added challenge of representing Piranha Gear and can keep our name out there - strong and proud - we welcome you to check back here to see if we're currently sponsoring fighters.  When we are, it will be VERY obvious on this page.

We'll ask you to let us know a little about you, where we can find your record online and what you're interested in for the future. Character and good sportsmanship are WAY more important to us than your win-loss record...

But before you ask, please keep these things in mind:

We want to help people that are helping others.  You should be on places like FaceBook and Twitter.  A WHOLE LOT.  Telling others the positive impact working out is making in your life.  Sharing with others the struggles you're working your way through.  Being positive and supportive of people that are working right alongside you (literally or figuratively).  It's not always about saying our name over and over.  We really just want to have people associated with us that are doing things "right".

You should already be using our gear.  We have so many people asking for sponsorships we can't even consider you if you're not already loving our gear (and, hopefully, our company too...).  That doesn't mean you "bought a pair of shorts 3 weeks ago" - it should be a bigger commitment than that... ;)  We know that seems pretty obvious, but we figured we should mention it...

Also please keep in mind that we only sponsor individuals, not fight promoters, events or agencies. If you're asking us to sponsor someone else, the answer is most likely going to be "no".

The "normal" progression of people we sponsor:

  1. Buy and use our gear.
  2. Talk about using our gear on social media - a lot.
  3. Show us you're interested in a journey that includes us with you.
  4. Discounted gear.
  5. Free gear.
  6. Monetary sponsorship.

While we really DO wish we could sponsor everyone, we have to stick with the people that we've already worked with... But we figure you'd rather hear the honest truth than smoke being blown up somewhere... : (